11 mai 2007

Parole de 10è dan

Moriji Mochida sensei, Hanshi 10dan (1885-1974) : "In the way of learning Kendo, you have to train hard to learn the basic skills. Many people think that they have already understood the basic skills, but this is totally wrong. During a long period of kendo training, people easily forget what the basic skills are.
It took 50 years to learn basic skills. And then I started real Kendo training because I tried to do Kendo with my mind.

People start losing good ability of legs, when they turn 60. I started to train to use my mind correctly to support physical disadvantages.

When I turned 70, I started losing strength in other parts of my body too. Then, I trained to control my mind to stay calm.

At 80, I know how to control my mind. But still I "think" sometimes. Now I am training myself not to think."

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Nico a dit…

je suis pour les kihons et encore les kihons... pieds mains epaules deplacements..et encore et encore et encore

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