02 juin 2008

Le clan des Siciliens

2nd International Tournament "TRISCELE" Open of Kendo M/F 
and 2nd International Technical Seminar
28 - 29 June 2008
Barcellona P.G. (Messina - Sicily- Italy)

Dear friends, will renew its invite and note that the deadline for registration
is 10 June 2008.
We communicate the presence of several European clubs. With the pleasure of
having our guests (the organisers will pay eat and sleep in Hotel ****, with the arrival on 27 June 2008 and departure on the 30 June 2008), waiting for your positive confirmation.
For the purposes of organization and if you are already aware, the flight times of arrival and departure at the airport in Catania - Sicily (Italy).
Is, however, welcome your response.
We will expect many!

Thank you

The President Kendo Club
Mr. Matteo COSTA (mailto:kendoclubtv@alice.it)

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